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Paper: LSST Education and Public Outreach
Volume: 443, Earth and Space Science: Making Connections in Education and Public Outreach
Page: 261
Authors: Jacoby, S. H.; Borne, K. D.; Prather, E. E.; Raddick, M. J.; Ratcliffe, D. M.; Spuck, T. S.
Abstract: The LSST Education and Public Outreach (EPO) program is described, including how it will be used to promote classroom research projects, deliver an on-going program of citizen science, and facilitate unprecedented visualization possibilities. In collaboration with the LSST Data Management group, an EPO database is being designed to accommodate anticipated user load and deliver required data products. The LSST project will provide cyberinfrastructure and web-based data access tools to enable student and public participation in the process of scientific discovery.
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