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Paper: Citizen Science Across the Disciplines
Volume: 443, Earth and Space Science: Making Connections in Education and Public Outreach
Page: 13
Authors: Fienberg, R. T.; Gay, P. L.; Lewis, G.; Gold, M.
Abstract: Astronomers, geologists, ornithologists, and many others across the scientific spectrum have discovered a powerful new tool for conducting research: an army of willing and enthusiastic citizen scientists. Tens of thousands of nonscientists routinely help researchers collect data, analyze it, and even interpret it, enabling scientific investigations that might otherwise be impossible. Many citizen-science projects are developed and conducted at least in part for the purposes of education and outreach, so it is appropriate to ask not only whether they are having a significant scientific impact, but also whether they are having a significant educational one. In this discussion we address issues such as the factors that determine whether a citizen-science project is successful, whether scientists and citizens benefit equally or unequally, and whether citizen science attracts a wide cross section of the public or only people who are already science literate, thereby limiting its effectiveness for EPO.
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