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Paper: Teach to the Stars: How People Learn Science
Volume: 443, Earth and Space Science: Making Connections in Education and Public Outreach
Page: 11
Authors: Hewson, P.
Abstract: The effective teaching of astronomy requires that we pay attention to learning astronomy and learning to teach astronomy. These draw from the “universe” of research on learning of science and learning to teach science, and both have major implications for teaching. A focus on learning astronomy raises questions such as: What do our students and other audiences bring to the table? How do they interact with the images, the ideas, the experiences, and the practices of astronomy? What sense do they make of their involvement with the material? Taking into account that students understand by creating meaning from various sources provides guidelines for educators through the tasks they create and the opportunities for collaborative discourse they provide. A focus on learning to teach astronomy raises questions such as: How can astronomy educators learn to teach astronomy in a way that connects more directly to the learners? What are the pathways of our own professional development in understanding the curriculum that is our passion, the learners who are our opportunity and responsibility, and the community of practice that challenges and sustains us? Understanding that we as astronomy educators repeatedly return to roles as learners of astronomy and learners of teaching (both fields are dynamic) helps us integrate these perspectives into a continuously improving educational practice.
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