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Paper: The Design and Implementation of the Akamai Maui Short Course
Volume: 436, Learning from Inquiry In Practice
Page: 333
Authors: Montgomery, R.; Harrington, D.; Sonnett, S.; Pitts, M.; Mostafanezhad, I.; Foley, M.; Laag, E.; Hunter, L.
Abstract: We describe the design and elements of implementation of the Akamai Maui Short Course (AMSC). The AMSC contains four full inquiry activities each of which builds on those previous: Camera Obscura and Sun Shadows, Lenses and Refraction, Color and Light, and the Adaptive Optics Demonstrator. In addition we describe the workings of two additional strands: 1) Communication, and 2) Science, Technology and Society. We also discuss our assessment methods and our results.
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