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Paper: Designing Inquiry Starters
Volume: 436, Learning from Inquiry In Practice
Page: 71
Authors: Kluger-Bell, B.
Abstract: The term “Inquiry Starter” comes from the Institute for Inquiry's model for teaching and learning science through inquiry. It refers to the first phase of an inquiry activity where learners engage in actions that stimulate their curiosity and generate questions for further investigation. In the Professional Development Program, staff and participants have designed a wide variety of inquiry activities with a number of variations on the inquiry starter. This has provided a laboratory for examining inquiry starter design. In this paper, I describe and examine in detail the elements of this design and how the design of those elements is related to achieving learning objectives. There are a number of important common objectives in all inquiry starters. For example, all starters must define a domain for investigation and engage the learner’s curiosity in that domain. There are also critical differences in learning objectives depending on the content area being studied, the learners’ background knowledge and skills, and many other factors. In this paper I examine designs for both of these types of objectives.
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