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Paper: Polarimetry of Extended Galactic Radio Emission—Revealing Magnetic Fields in the Interstellar Medium
Volume: 438, The Dynamic Interstellar Medium: A Celebration of the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
Page: 261
Authors: Landecker, T. L.
Abstract: Extended polarized radio emission from the Milky Way fills the sky, and observations of it should be able to provide information on Galactic magnetic fields with detail limited only by the angular resolution of the telescope. This potential cannot be realised from current observations because they do not adequately sample the frequency structure of the polarized emission, or they lack information on large-scale structure. I present data from two DRAO-based surveys, each overcoming one of these limitations. The CGPS Polarization Survey is the first aperture-synthesis survey of a large area that incorporates single-antenna data. The Global Magneto-Ionic Medium Survey (GMIMS) is mapping the entire sky, North and South, with large single-antenna telescopes delivering spectropolarimetry from 300 MHz to 1.8 GHz. Rotation Measure Synthesis has been applied to GMIMS data between 1277 and 1740 MHz. From each survey, polarization structures can be associated with other ISM tracers, yielding magnetic field configuration and strength in a variety of ISM processes.
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