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Paper: Radiative Transfer Models of Young Stellar Objects
Volume: 309, Astrophysics of Dust
Page: 755
Authors: Whitney, B.A.
Abstract: This paper discusses what we currently know about sizes and shapes of grains in protostellar envelopes. We find that envelope grains are similar to the surrounding molecular cloud, whereas disk grains are larger, similar to those in T Tauri disks. A definitive test of grain alignment is high observed values of circular polarization; these cannot be attained with spherical grain models. Alignment of grains could also help bring linear polarization models into better agreement with observations. Mid-IR images of protostars should provide valuable diagnostics of grain albedo and therefore size. Mid-IR and far-IR polarimetry observations will provide valuable diagnostics of grain alignment in disks and envelopes. Thus, we are optimistic about the progress that will be made with several upcoming observatories: SIRTF, Sophia, and ALMA.
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