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Paper: An Analysis of the SLA-PAM Mailing List: What is SLA-PAM Doing?
Volume: 433, Library and Information Services in Astronomy VI: 21st Century Astronomy Librarianship, From New Ideas to Action
Page: 324
Authors: Barve, S.; Dongare, S.
Abstract: The Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics (PAM) Division of the Special Libraries Association maintains an electronic discussion group which is referred to as PAMnet. In the present paper the PAM mailing list is analyzed from various points of view such as: different topics covered in this list, general nature of the mailing list, yearly postings, individual librarian’s postings, postings from different countries, active participants, postings by publishers, postings on current topics, etc. The mailing list archive is available online from August 1998. It is an active mailing list where members get answers to their queries quickly. In the present paper, the mailing list is analyzed in detail to review trends in PAM libraries. A total number of 13 958 email messages (August 1998–September 2009) are analyzed to assess different trends.
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