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Paper: Present State of Projects at Zentrum für Astronomie Heidelberg
Volume: 433, Library and Information Services in Astronomy VI: 21st Century Astronomy Librarianship, From New Ideas to Action
Page: 236
Authors: Burkhardt, G.
Abstract: This paper serves as an update of the information given at LISA V about the projects undertaken at the Zentrum für Astronomie. The preservation project at the Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl, since then, has scanned about 65% of the plates in the Bruce archive while the scanning at ARI is complete with the 344 Palomar plates. Recording the bibliographies has finished up to vol. 31 of the Astronomischer Jahresbericht, and we have scanned all 18 reels of microfilm of the ‘Bibliography of Astronomy, 1881–1898.’ Reexamination of the 1960-PLS survey plates with modern techniques yielded 46,216 measured positions of 5,127 Minor Planets which is an increase by a factor of about 2.5.
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