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Paper: Images and Voices of CFHT’s Legacy
Volume: 433, Library and Information Services in Astronomy VI: 21st Century Astronomy Librarianship, From New Ideas to Action
Page: 229
Authors: Bryson, L.
Abstract: Following her celebrated DVD, Gathering the Forgotten Voices, Liz Bryson, Librarian for the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope has embarked on new interviews of the men and women whose hard work and ingenuity forged the technological breakthroughs that maintained CFHT’s preeminence as a world-class observatory. While Gathering the Forgotten Voices emphasized the personal history of those involved with the first decade of deep-space observing, the new DVD explores the CFHT innovation in instrumentation from vision to design to construction. Bryson will chronicle the breakthroughs of the observatory’s staff so that that story may serve as a prototype for qualitative research at other technological centers.
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