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Paper: Testing a New Method of Detecting RR Lyrae Variable Stars
Volume: 432, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2009
Page: 235
Authors: Powell Jr., W. L.; Muehlbrad, T.; Wilhelm, R. J.; Ginn, D.; Jastram, A.
Abstract: We have submitted for publication a new method of selecting candidate RR Lyrae stars using out-of-phase single epoch photometric and spectroscopic observations contained in the SDSS Data Release 6 (DR6). The technique detects variability by exploiting the large disparity between the (g-r) color and the strength of the Hydrogen Balmer lines when the two observations are made at random phase. The SDSS Stripe 82 allowed us to show that our method has a discovery efficiency of around 85%. This technique yielded over 1,000 candidates fainter than g = 14.5. We present the results of observations of several of these candidates made on the 0.8m telescope at McDonald Observatory, with 12 of 13 confirmed as variable, and one labeled as a likely RRc.
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