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Paper: The Cosmically Depressed: Life, Sociology and Identity of Voids
Volume: 421, Galaxies in Isolation: Exploring Nature Versus Nurture
Page: 99
Authors: van de Weygaert, R.; Platen, E.; Tigrak, E.; Hidding, J.; van der Hulst, J. M.; Aragón-Calvo, M. A.; Stanonik, K.; van Gorkom, J. H.
Abstract: In this contribution we review and discuss several aspects of Cosmic Voids, as a background for our void galaxy project (accompanying paper by Stanonik et al.). Voids are a major component of the large scale distribution of matter and galaxies in the Universe. Following a sketch of the general characteristics of void formation and evolution, we describe the influence of the environment on their development and structure and the characteristic hierarchical buildup of the cosmic void population. In order to be able to study the resulting tenuous void substructure and the galaxies populating the interior of voids, we subsequently set out to describe our parameter free tessellation-based watershed void finding technique. It allows us to trace the outline, shape and size of voids in galaxy redshift surveys. The application of this technique enables us to find galaxies in the deepest troughs of the cosmic galaxy distribution, and has formed the basis of our void galaxy program.
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