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Paper: Does the LFIR-LHCN Correlation Hold for Low LFIR Isolated Galaxies?
Volume: 421, Galaxies in Isolation: Exploring Nature Versus Nurture
Page: 274
Authors: Flaquer, B. O.; Leon, S.; Espada, D.; Martín, S.; Lisenfeld, U.; Verley, S.; Sabater, J.; Verdes-Montenegro, L.
Abstract: Gao & Solomon (2004a,b) (GS) found a tight linear correlation between LFIR, a good tracer of the SF rate, and LHCN, probing the dense molecular gas for IR-Luminous galaxies. It is open whether this correlation is also followed by galaxies with less active SF. We observed in HCN(1-0) 15 Isolated Galaxies (IG) from the AMIGA sample (VerdesMontenegro et al. 2005) with the IRAM 30m, with the purpose to test whether the GS relation is independent of environment and luminosity. We found that IG have lower LHCN than expected (Fig.1a), with LHCN / LCO ∼ 0.05. However, this might be due to extended HCN missed by our observations in most cases only done at one central pointing. Four galaxies of our sample were mapped. In 2 of them there is substantial emission outside the central parts (Fig.1b+c), and their LHCN value derived from the mapping, follows much closer the relation from GS. Further mapping is needed.
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