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Paper: Stellar Populations in Isolated Galaxies
Volume: 421, Galaxies in Isolation: Exploring Nature Versus Nurture
Page: 270
Authors: Moultaka, J.; AMIGA collaboration
Abstract: The aim of this work is to derive stellar population properties of a sample of isolated galaxies of different morphological types and activity levels. This will enable us to probe the star formation and chemical history induced by internal processes of galaxies independent of their environment. We use a subsample of 194 isolated galaxies from the sample AMIGA (Verley et al. 2009, and references therein) for which we possess SDSS spectra (one spectrum per galaxy, obtained with a 3” diameter fiber); this corresponds to the central regions of the galaxies. The sample contains different morphological types and activity levels. Here we present very preliminary stellar population analysis results of a number of galaxies from our subsample.
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