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Paper: The Influence of the Environment on Bar Formation
Volume: 421, Galaxies in Isolation: Exploring Nature Versus Nurture
Page: 269
Authors: Méndez-Abreu, J.; Aguerri, J. A. L.; Zarattini, S.; Sánchez-Janssen, R.; Corsini, E. M.
Abstract: Galaxy mergers and interactions are mechanisms which should drive the formation of bars. Therefore, we could expect that the fraction of barred galaxies increases with the local density. Here we show the first results of an extensive search for barred galaxies in different environments. We conclude that the bar fraction on bright (L>L*) field, Virgo, and Coma cluster galaxies is compatible. These results point towards an scenario where the formation and/or evolution of bars depend mostly on internal galaxy processes rather than external ones.
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