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Paper: Appearance of Barred Galaxies at Early and Late Stages of Their Evolution
Volume: 421, Galaxies in Isolation: Exploring Nature Versus Nurture
Page: 268
Authors: Martinez-Valpuesta, I.
Abstract: Barred galaxies represent more than 2/3 among disk galaxies. The evolution of barred galaxies is deeply influenced by the dynamics of the bar. Moreover, the evolution of the bar itself determines the morphology of the rest of the galaxy. In this work, and by means of numerical simulations, we will show the evolution of isolated barred galaxies from two points of view, face-on and edge-on. In the face-on view we will show how the shape of the bar changes from a typical bar at early stages to ansae at later times of evolution. In the edge-on view we will show how the morphology of the bar changes with time to form a peanut/boxy shaped bulge and how these bulges are related to the bar itself.
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