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Paper: Transfer of Meteorites from Earth to the Interesting Objects within the Solar System and the Extrasolar Planets
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 455
Authors: Hara, T.; Takagi, T.; Kajiura, D.
Abstract: The probability is investigated that meteorites of Earth origin are transferred to the interesting objects which are supposed to have seas under the icy surface such as Enceladus, Europa, Ceres and dwarf planet Eris and the extrasolar planets. We take the ejection process in collision, such as the Chicxulub crater event, from Earth. If we assume the appropriate size of meteorites as 1cm in diameter, the number of meteorites reaching the interesting objects and the extrasolar planet system could be much greater than one. So we should consider the panspermia theories more seriously as organisms disperse.
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