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Paper: Interstellar Nanodiamonds
Volume: 309, Astrophysics of Dust
Page: 589
Authors: Jones, A.P.; d'Hendecourt, L.B.
Abstract: Interstellar nanodiamonds should be an abundant component of interstellar dust, although, they have not yet been unequivocally detected in the interstellar medium. However, it is clear that diamond grains have now been detected in two somewhat peculiar sources, Elias 1 and HD 97048. In this paper we discuss the likely properties of interstellar nanodiamonds within the context of the known properties of meteoritic, synthetic and natural (nano)diamonds. We also present the 3 μm spectra of the extracted, etched and re-hydrogenated Orgueil meteorite nanodiamonds with a view to aiding nanodiamond identification in the interstellar medium. Currently it appears that some interstellar emission bands in the 3-4, 7-10 and ~ 21 μm spectral regions could originate from nanodiamonds.
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