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Paper: Comparing Estimates of the Mg II Index at Solar Minimum from 1961 through 1981 with the Observed Mg II Index from 1978 to Present
Volume: 428, SOHO-23: Understanding a Peculiar Solar Minimum
Page: 315
Authors: Morrill, J. S.; Floyd, L.; McMullin, D.; Snow, M.; Viereck, R.
Abstract: Using a solar spectral irradiance model which estimates the spectrum in an 18 nm region around the Mg II h and k lines at 280 nm we have estimated the Mg II index. This model uses observed active region, quiet Sun, and sunspot spectra as well as center-to-limb variation results from the HRTS–9 rocket as empirical inputs. To determine the location of these features on a given day, the model uses Ca II K images. This paper presents preliminary estimates of the Mg II index during the 1961 to 1981 time period and compares these values to those determined from observations from 1978 to present.
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