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Paper: Tidal Dwarf Galaxies, Accretion Tails, and ‘Beads on a String’ in the ‘Spirals, Bridges, and Tails’ Interacting Galaxy Survey
Volume: 423, Galaxy Wars: Star Formation and Stellar Populations in Interacting Galaxies
Page: 257
Authors: Smith, B. J.; Giroux, M. L.; Struck, C.; Hancock, M.; Hurlock, S.
Abstract: We have used the GALEX ultraviolet telescope to study stellar populations and star formation morphology in a well-defined sample of more than three dozen nearby optically-selected pre-merger interacting galaxy pairs. We have combined the GALEX NUV and FUV images with broadband optical maps from the Sloan Digitized Sky Survey to investigate the ages and extinctions of the tidal features and the disks. We have identified a few new candidate tidal dwarf galaxies in this sample, as well as other interesting morphologies such as accretion tails, ‘beads on a string’, and ‘hinge clumps’. In only a few cases are strong tidal features seen in HI maps but not in GALEX.
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