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Paper: The Relation Between the Globular Cluster Mass and Luminosity Functions
Volume: 423, Galaxy Wars: Star Formation and Stellar Populations in Interacting Galaxies
Page: 151
Authors: Kruijssen, J. M. D.; Portegies Zwart, S. F.
Abstract: The relation between the globular cluster luminosity function (GCLF, dN/d log L) and globular cluster mass function (GCMF, dN/d log M) is considered. Due to low-mass star depletion, dissolving GCs have mass-to-light (M/L) ratios that are lower than expected from their metallicities. This has been shown to lead to an M/L ratio that increases with GC mass and luminosity. We model the GCLF and GCMF and show that the power law slopes inherently differ (1.0 versus 0.7, respectively) when accounting for the variability of M/L. The observed GCLF is found to be consistent with a Schechter-type initial cluster mass function and a mass-dependent mass-loss rate.
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