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Paper: Molecular Gas in the Early Stage of Interacting Galaxies: The NGC 4567/8 Pair
Volume: 423, Galaxy Wars: Star Formation and Stellar Populations in Interacting Galaxies
Page: 26
Authors: Kaneko, H.; Kuno, N.; Iono, D.; Tosaki, T.; Sawada, T.; Nakanishi, H.; Hirota, A.
Abstract: We present the results of 12CO( J=1-0 ) observations with the NRO 45m radio telescope of the interacting galaxy pair NGC 4567/8, known to be in the early stage of the interaction. Our goal is to investigate the influence of the interaction of galaxies on molecular gas in the early stage. This is the first CO observations covering the whole system for this galaxy pair. Their CO and HI gas distributions suggest NGC 4567/8 are surely colliding. We found high molecular gas fraction, fmol and high star formation efficiency (SFE) in their overlap region though the low surface density of molecular gas is low. The discrepancy of the regions with high fmol and high SFE may be reflecting the progression of the interaction.
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