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Paper: High Energy Emission from Binaries with Young Pulsars
Volume: 422, High Energy Phenomena in Massive Stars
Page: 23
Authors: Dubus, G.
Abstract: I review the formation of high energy radiation in the context of young pulsars orbiting massive stars such as PSR B1259–63. All detected gamma-ray binaries, systems where most of the radiative output occurs at energies above an MeV, could be powered by the dissipation of the pulsar rotational energy. The orbital-phase dependent radio morphology in LS 5039 and LS I+61 303 supports this interpretation. A magnetar-like burst has recently been observed that appears to be associated with LS I+61 303. The presence of a massive star brings strict geometrical and dynamical constraints on the physical processes at work. This can be used to probe pulsar winds on hitherto inaccessible scales.
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