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Paper: Non-thermal Emission in Microquasars Hosting Massive Stars
Volume: 422, High Energy Phenomena in Massive Stars
Page: 13
Authors: Bosch-Ramon, V.
Abstract: Binary systems harboring powerful accelerators and massive stars are expected to be sites in which a plethora of complex non-thermal phenomena takes place. Hydrodynamical and magnetohydrodynamical outflows and their interactions, different mechanisms of acceleration, leptonic and hadronic non-thermal emission, pair creation, radiation absorption, all of this can be relevant in the context of those systems. In this regards, high-mass microquasars, in which relativistic motions, large energetic budget, generation of relativistic particles, particle transport in the form of collimated outflows, and extreme conditions, take place, are very good candidates to study the complex physical interaction between the different components of these systems, and the properties of the components themselves.
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