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Paper: IR Spectroscopic Measurements of Free-Flying Silicate Dust Grains
Volume: 414, Cosmic Dust—Near and Far
Page: 438
Authors: Tamanai, A.; Mutschke, H.; Blum, J.
Abstract: Experimental spectroscopic extinction measurements of silicates have been performed in the mid-IR range from 8 to 50 μm. Particles are suspended in nitrogen gas by applying the aerosol technology in order to prevent a medium effect. For heterogeneous particle investigations, mixtures of two distinct silicate samples are prepared with different mass proportions. An examination of morphological aspects is simultaneously carried out by extracting the aerosol particles on a filter. Our prime aims are to obtain the true extinction band profiles of each silicate with taking morphological effects into account and to study the influences on band profiles through the interaction within heterogeneous particles.
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