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Paper: Extremely Red Mid-infrared Selected Objects in the AKARI NEP Deep Field: Dust Obscured Type-1 AGN?
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 515
Authors: Matsuhara, H.; Wada, T.; Oyabu, S.; Takagi, T.; Pearson, C. P.; Malkan, M. A.; White, G. J.; Negrello, M.; Serjeant, S.; Ohyama, Y.; Goto, T.; Im, M.; Lee, H. M.; Lee, M. G.; Imai, K.; Hanami, H.; Ishigaki, T.; Wada, K.; Nakagawa, T.
Abstract: We describe observational characteristics of three Extremely Red MIR-bright Objects (ERMOs, satisfying R – [15] ≥ 6.5 AB mag) found in the AKARI North Ecliptic Pole (NEP) deep field at z=1.5–2.2, showing broad Mg II emission (∼5000 km sec-1) while their broad-band spectral energy distributions (SEDs) at optical and mid-infrared are power-law, similar to that of the type-2 AGN. Since their SEDs cannot be explained solely by any AGN dust torus templates, we propose that the stellar population co-exists with the AGN dust torus. The interstellar dust clouds associated with the stellar population may be responsible for the extinction of the broad-line regions.
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