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Paper: NEP-Wide Data Reduction
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 507
Authors: Kim, S. J.; Lee, H. M.; Wada, T.; Oyabu, S.; Ita, Y.; Im, M.; Matsuhara, H.
Abstract: We have carried out a reduction of the “NEP-Wide” data for four 9 bands between 2 and 24 μm with the AKARI InfraRed Camera. The data consists of 446 pointed observations and covers a circular area of ∼ 5.8 sq. deg. centered on North Ecliptic Pole. We made mosaic images in all of the bands except at 24 μm. The source detection and photometry were done on the mosaic images using SExtractor, and we have generated a band merged catalogue for all of the IRC bands (except for 24 μm) containing ∼110,000 sources. The photometry was checked against the NEP-Deep results and found to be consistent with them.
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