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Paper: Optical/NIR Imaging of AKARI NEP-Wide Survey Field
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 503
Authors: Jeon, Y.; Im, M.; Kang, E.; Lee, I.; Ibrahimov, M.
Abstract: We describe the characteristics of optical and NIR imaging data of the NEP-Wide field in B, R, I, J and H band filters. The NEP-Wide is an AKARI survey of the North Ecliptic Pole covering 5.8 deg2 area. Our optical/NIR imaging observation supports the AKARI’s IR imaging data by providing a crucial coverage in optical/NIR. The optical data were obtained at Maidanak Observatory in Uzbekistan using the 1.5m telescope and the Seoul National University’s 4k×4k CCD. The NIR data were obtained using FLAMINGOS on KPNO 2.1m telescope. We present the astrometric accuracy, galaxy number counts and completeness. The photometric data will be used for identifying optical counterparts of the IR data provided by AKARI, studying their SEDs and the selection of interesting objects for spectroscopic follow-up studies.
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