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Paper: AKARI 11/15 μm Observation of z∼1 Lyman Break Galaxies
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 483
Authors: Shim, H.; Im, M.
Abstract: We study the dust attenuation of 0.7<z<2.0 star-forming galaxies selected in rest-frame UV, using AKARI 11/15μm MIR observation combined with other data sets at different wavelengths. The star-forming galaxies are selected using Lyman continuum break that appears between UV and optical filters. The presence of 11 and 15μm data points reduce the uncertainties included in the conversion of single band flux vs. total IR luminosity. We use the ratio between total IR luminosity and UV luminosity as a measure of dust attenuation. By comparing our results with previous studies, we notice that there is a significant evolution of dust attenuation in Lyman break populations as a function of redshifts, although the correlation between total IR luminosity and dust extinction remains at any redshifts.
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