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Paper: Mass Loss History of the AGB Star, R Cas
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 463
Authors: Ueta, T.; Stencel, R. E.; Yamamura, I.; Izumiura, H.; Nakada, Y.; Matsuura, M.; Ita, Y.; Tanabé, T.; Fukushi, H.; Matsunaga, N.; Mito, H.; Speck, A. K.
Abstract: We report here on the discovery of an extended far-infrared shell around the AGB star, R Cassiopeia, made by AKARI and Spitzer. The extended, cold circumstellar shell of R Cas spans nearly 3’ and is probably shaped by interaction with the interstellar medium. This report is one of several studies of well-resolved mass loss histories of AGB stars under AKARI and Spitzer observing programs labeled “Excavating Mass Loss History in Extended Dust Shells of Evolved Stars (MLHES).”
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