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Paper: Post-AGB Stars in the AKARI Survey
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 455
Authors: Siódmiak, N.; Cox, N.; Szczerba, R.; García-Lario, P.
Abstract: Obscured by their circumstellar dusty envelopes post-AGB stars emit a large fraction of their energy in the infrared and thus, infrared sky surveys like IRAS were essential for discoveries of post-AGBs in the past. Now, with the AKARI infrared sky survey we can extend our knowledge about the late stages of stellar evolution. The long-term goal of our work is to define new photometric criteria to distinguish new post-AGB candidates from the AKARI data. We have cross-correlated the Torúń catalogue of Galactic post-AGB and related objects with the AKARI/FIS All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalogue (for simplicity, hereafter AKARI). The scientific and technical aspects of our work are presented here as well as our plans for the future. In particular, we found that only 9 post-AGB sources were detected in all four AKARI bands. The most famous objects like: Red Rectangle, Egg Nebula, Minkowski’s Footprint belong to this group. From the technical point of view we discuss positional accuracy by comparing (mostly) 2MASS coordinates of post-AGB objects with those given by AKARI; flux reliability by comparing IRAS 60 and 100 μm fluxes with those from AKARI -N65 and AKARI -90 bands, respectively; as well as completeness of the sample as a function of the IRAS fluxes.
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