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Paper: Optical Spectropolarimetry and Kinematics of Cygnus A
Volume: 343, Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions
Page: 446
Authors: van Bemmel, I.; Vernet, J.; Fosbury, R.; Lamers, H.
Abstract: From optical spectropolarimetry of Cygnus A we conclude that the scattering medium in the ionization cones in Cygnus A is moving outward with v = 170±34km s−1 . The required momentum can be supplied by the radiation pressure of the central quasar. This process could produce the observed biconical structure, which is thought to result from shadowing by a circumnuclear dust torus. We detect a polarized red wing in the [O III] emission lines arising from the central kiloparsec of Cygnus A, consistent with line emission created close to the broad-line region.
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