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Paper: AKARI Deep Extragalactic Survey towards the North Ecliptic Pole: The NEP-Deep Survey
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 275
Authors: Takagi, T.; Matsuhara, H.; Wada, T.; Oyabu, S.; Ohyama, Y.; Goto, T.; Hanami, H.; Lee, H. M.; Im, M.; Serjeant, S.; White, G. J.; Pearson, C. P.; Malkan, M.; Burgarella, D.; Ishigaki, T.; Wada, K.; Imai, K.; Nakagawa, T.
Abstract: We have conducted the largest extragalactic survey with IRC pointed observations, towards the north ecliptic pole (NEP). Using this survey, which covers 0.38 deg2, we demonstrate that IRC all-band photometry at 2–24 μm is capable of tracing the steep rise of flux at the blue side of PAH 6.2 μm feature. Single mid-infrared colors, such as S11-S7 and L15-S9W, can be used to select PAH-dominated starburst galaxies at z ≥ 0.5. These PAH-selected galaxies include new type of ultra luminous infrared galaxies whose SED resembles that of less luminous starburst galaxies by two orders of magnitude. We present highlights from the initial results of the NEP-Deep survey.
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