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Paper: AKARI Observations of O-rich SNR G292.0+1.8
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 175
Authors: Lee, H.-G.; Koo, B.-C.; Moon, D.-S.; Jeong, W.-S.; Sakon, I.; Onaka, T.; Kaneda, H.; Nozawa, T.; Kozasa, T.
Abstract: We present the results of AKARI IRC and FIS observations of the O-rich supernova remnant G292.0+1.8. The AKARI images show two prominent structures; a bright equatorial ring structure along the east-west direction and an outer elliptical shell structure surrounding the remnant. These two prominent features were partly visible in optical and/or X-rays, but they are much more clearly revealed in our AKARI images. We also detect a high 15 to 24 μm flux ratio associated with the supernova ejecta in the northwestern and southeastern areas. Our IRC spectra show that this high ratio is at least partly due to the presence of emission lines from Ne ions in the supernova ejecta material. In addition, we report the detection of a narrow jet-like structure and also a faint, extended emission outside the SNR shell. We discuss the dust emission in swept-up materials with a comparison with model calculations, the dust emission associated with ejecta, and the SN explosion of G292.0+1.8.
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