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Paper: Properties of Active Galactic Star-Forming Regions Probed by Imaging Spectroscopy with FTS
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 85
Authors: Okada, Y.; Kawada, M.; Murakami, N.; Ootsubo, T.; Takahashi, H.; Yasuda, A.; Ishihara, D.; Kaneda, H.; Kataza, H.; Nakagawa, T.; Onaka, T.
Abstract: We report the results of imaging spectroscopic observations of four giant Galactic star-forming regions with Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) onboard AKARI. We obtained [O III] 88 μm and [C II] 158 μm line intensity maps for all the regions: G3.270-0.101, G333.6-0.2, NGC 3603, and M17. In G3.270-0.101, we obtained high spatial resolution of the [O III] 88 μm line emission maps and the far-infrared continuum map for the first time. In G333.6-0.2, we found a local [O III] 88 μm emission peak, which indicates the presence of an excitation source. We suggest that the [O III] 88 μm emission locates the excitation sources better than the radio continuum emission does. We discuss the structure of the ISM and a possible embedded excitation source from these far-infrared line and mid-infrared continuum emission maps.
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