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Paper: Class 0 Protostellar Candidates in the AKARI-FIS Bright Source Catalogue
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 73
Authors: Sunada, K.; Ikeda, N.; Kitamura, Y.; Nakazato, T.; Yang, J.
Abstract: It is expected that the FIS Bright Source Catalogue contains many Class 0 protostellar candidates. In particular, the identification of high-mass protostellar candidates is expected. To search new protostellar candidates systematically in the FIS Bright Source Catalogue, we characterized the far-infrared properties of various known objects. We carried out the identification of the FIS point sources for our 1563 survey sources. As a result, we could find the region occupied by the sources associated with the water maser emission on the FIS log(F140 μm) – log(F90 μm/F65 μm) diagram. Comparing the core properties with the far-infrared properties, we also found the spread of the region occupied by the H2O maser sources meant the mass difference and the evolution sequence. Finally, we examined the far-infrared properties of all the point sources in the catalogue. Considering the above results, we were able to confirm the new protostellar candidates from low- to high-mass in the FIS Bright Source Catalogue.
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