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Paper: The Zodiacal Dust Cloud Revealed by the AKARI IRC All-Sky Survey
Volume: 418, AKARI, a Light to Illuminate the Misty Universe
Page: 39
Authors: Pyo, J.; Hong, S. S.; Kwon, S. M.; Ueno, M.; Ishiguro, M.; Usui, F.; Ootsubo, T.; Ishihara, D.; Mukai, T.
Abstract: From the AKARI mid-infrared survey observations, we have constructed all-sky brightness maps of the zodiacal emission (ZE) at 9 and 18 μm, and applied Fourier filtering to the maps. The filtered maps clearly demonstrate the asteroidal dust bands already discovered by IRAS and display new band features as well. For some of the broken, diffuse bands, the filtered ZE maps of AKARI are shown to deliver more detailed and clearer features than the ones of IRAS. This is because the AKARI survey covers the entire range of ecliptic longitude in both leading and trailing directions.
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