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Paper: Spectral Surveys of Star-forming Regions with Herschel/HIFI
Volume: 417, Submillimeter Astrophysics and Technology: A Symposium Honoring Thomas G. Phillips
Page: 95
Authors: Comito, C.; Lord, S.; Delforge, B.; Higgins, R.; Schilke, P.; Teyssier, D.
Abstract: The Herschel Space Observatory is getting ready to perform breakthrough observations of the cool molecular universe. With their rich chemistry, complex kinematics, and wide range of excitations, star-forming regions are a perfect target for high-spectral-resolution observations in the submillimeter/far-infrared regime covered by the HIFI instrument. This paper briefly reviews the Spectral Survey technique, the intrinsic difficulties in the data reduction and analysis, and the software tools available to perform them.
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