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Paper: Results from Fitting Long and Very-Long MDI Time-Series at Low and Intermediate Degrees
Volume: 416, Solar-Stellar Dynamos as Revealed by Helio- and Asteroseismology: GONG 2008/SOHO 21
Page: 315
Authors: Korzennik, S. G.
Abstract: I present results from fitting long and very-long MDI time series of spherical harmonics coefficients, at low and intermediate degrees. The fitting methodology used, initially developed for very-long time series, incorporates several key aspects not present in the "production" Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI) (or Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG)) fitting methodologies. The fitting has since been extended to higher degrees and applied to shorter time series, resulting in fitting 2088-day long, as well as, 728, 364 and 182-day long time series, covering nearly 11 years of observations. The 2088-day long time series has been fitting up to l = 125. Nine overlapping 728-day long time series have been fitted up to l = 95, while nineteen and thirty nine overlapping 364 and 182-day long time series, respectively, have been fitted up to l = 47. I present and discuss some of the characteristics of the observed temporal changes. Presentation and discussion of remaining "issues" with the fitting, as well as the inferred rotation inversion are shown in separate contribution to these proceeding.
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