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Paper: Amplitudes of High-Degree p Modes in the Quiet and Active Sun
Volume: 416, Solar-Stellar Dynamos as Revealed by Helio- and Asteroseismology: GONG 2008/SOHO 21
Page: 293
Authors: O. Burtseva, O.; Tripathy, S. C.; Hill, F.; Kholikov, S.; Raouafi, N.-E.; Lindsey, C.
Abstract: We investigate mode amplitudes in the active and quiet Sun in both maximum and minimum phases of the solar activity cycle. We confirm previous studies showing that p-mode amplitudes at solar minimum are higher than at solar maximum. We mask active regions of a certain magnetic field strength and compare the masked and unmasked acoustic power. After applying the masks, the preliminary analysis indicates that the amplitude decreases over all degrees during solar minimum, compared to the unmasked case, while at solar maximum the amplitude first decreases up to l ∼ 300 and then increases at higher degrees.
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