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Paper: Near Infrared Polarimetry of IRAS 19306+1407
Volume: 343, Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions
Page: 282
Authors: Lowe, K.T.E.; Gledhill, T.M.
Abstract: Polarimetry can be used to observe the dusty outer shells of Post-AGB stars. We can discriminate between the unpolarized light from the central star and the reflected polarized flux. The polarisation vectors and polarized flux can give valuable information on the morphology of the object and the dust grain size distribution. Here we present J and K waveband polarimetry information and modeling of IRAS 19306+1407. We have detected scattered light and high degrees of linear polarisation. In polarized flux we have detected a `dumbbell' structure, possibly indicating a detached dusty circumstellar envelope (CSE).We have constructed a light scattering model that includes polarisation to investigate the CSE structure in detail.
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