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Paper: Supernovae in 3-D: Bridging the Gap Between Observations and Theory
Volume: 343, Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions
Page: 277
Authors: Hoffman, J.L.; Nugent, P.; Kasen, D.; Thomas, R.C.; Filippenko, A.V.; Leonard, D.C.
Abstract: Recent theoretical and observational advances promise to revolutionize the study of supernovae by allowing us to glimpse the three-dimensional structure of supernova ejecta. Increases in supercomputing capabilities have encouraged the development of three-dimensional hydrodynamical supernova explosion models, while spectropolarimetric observations with 8m-class telescopes now provide detailed information on the geometric characteristics of supernova ejecta. However, until a mechanism exists to communicate between these two lines of inquiry, our understanding of supernova explosions will remain incomplete. We introduce a new initiative to develop spectrum synthesis and radiative transfer codes that will calculate the spectropolarimetric consequences of hydrodynamical explosion models, thus bridging the gap between observations and theory.
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