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Paper: A Solution to the Cosmic Conundrum including Cosmological Constant and Dark Energy Problems
Volume: 413, 2nd Crisis in Cosmology Conference, CCC-2
Page: 152
Authors: Singh, A.
Abstract: A comprehensive solution to the cosmic conundrum is presented that also resolves key paradoxes of quantum mechanics and relativity. A simple mathematical model, the Gravity Nullification model (GNM), is proposed that integrates the missing physics of the spontaneous relativistic conversion of mass to energy into the existing physics theories, specifically a simplified general theory of relativity. Mechanistic mathematical expressions are derived for a relativistic universe expansion, which predict both the observed linear Hubble expansion in the nearby universe and the accelerating expansion exhibited by the supernova observations. The integrated model addresses the key questions haunting physics and Big Bang cosmology. It also provides a fresh perspective on the misconceived birth and evolution of the universe, especially the creation and dissolution of matter. The proposed model eliminates singularities from existing models and the need for the incredible and unverifiable assumptions including the superluminous inflation scenario, multiple universes, multiple dimensions, Anthropic principle, and quantum gravity. GNM predicts the observed features of the universe without any explicit consideration of time as a governing parameter.
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