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Paper: Optical Forces as a Redshift Mechanism: the "Spectral Transfer Redshift''
Volume: 413, 2nd Crisis in Cosmology Conference, CCC-2
Page: 268
Authors: Marmet, L.
Abstract: The redshift observed in astronomy is explained by optical forces on electrons and atoms present in the intergalactic medium. The forces occur as a result of momentum exchange between light and matter. This produces an exchange of energy where the intergalactic medium is heated and the radiation is redshifted. The spectra of different light rays interact in the intergalactic medium to produce a spectral transfer redshift. Two mechanisms are examined: the dipole force which acts on atoms, and the ponderomotive force which acts on electrons. The dipole force produces a redshift which is wavelength dependent and can be distinguished from a Doppler redshift. The ponderomotive force produces a redshift which is independent of the wavelength and mimics a Doppler redshift. Both forces arise from a stimulated emission process which preserves the direction of propagation of one of the two interacting photons, a necessary condition to avoid blurring of images. This property distinguishes the spectral transfer redshift from all other redshift mechanisms proposed so far.
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