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Paper: Physical Association and Periodicity in Quasar Families
Volume: 413, 2nd Crisis in Cosmology Conference, CCC-2
Page: 61
Authors: Fulton, C.; Arp, H.
Abstract: We have used a custom computer program to test for physical association of quasars with parent galaxies and for periodicity in quasar redshifts. We examine every object catalogued in the 2dF deep survey strips. Around each galaxy quasars are detected as physically associated with a putative parent galaxy if their redshifts conform to empirically derived constraints based on an ejection hypothesis. We run control trials against the pure physical associations by replacing the actual redshifts of the candidate companion quasars with quasar redshifts drawn randomly from the entire 2dF deep survey area. For the empirical constraints, grouping in redshift of quasars and downward trend in redshift of quasars away from the parent galaxy, the highest statistical significance is produced by a test in which 18,064 association families are found compared to 12,122 in the random control. Adding periodicity constraints derived from the Karlsson formula and tailoring the constraints to increase the likelihood of true detections produces 10,076 families compared to 8,264 in the random control.
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