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Paper: The Changing Cosmology Narrative
Volume: 413, 2nd Crisis in Cosmology Conference, CCC-2
Page: 125
Authors: Eastman, T. E.
Abstract: The CBR discovery in 1965 was followed by successive triumphs for the Big Bang approach resulting in the current age of so-called "precision'' cosmology. I propose that the emerging data-rich environment is a game changer because it makes possible a major shift from a focus on theory and confirmation to observations, testing and potential falsification, and a shift from theory-driven claims of "precision'' cosmology to data-driven, multi-level testing of more limited and modest models. Greater flexibility in framing alternative hypotheses, and greater appreciation for rigorous data analysis unencumbered by preferred outcomes, may enable more critical assessments of grand theories that are at present excessively shielded from data-driven scrutiny.
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