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Paper: H band AO Imaging-Polarimetry of IRC+10216
Volume: 343, Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions
Page: 255
Authors: Murakawa, K.; Suto, H.; Oya, S.; Yates, J.A.; Ueta, T.; Meixner, M.
Abstract: We have carried out H band imaging-polarimetry of an evolved AGB star IRC+10216 using CIAO and AO on the 8 m Subaru telescope. Our polarimetric image reveals two new features, a fan-like shape to the southeast and an elliptic shape to the northwest with small polarization (P < a few percent) near the intensity peak. The position of the central star was estimated as an offset of (+0.″25, −0.″065) from the intensity peak. It is almost located at the center of the SE-fan and the NW-ellipse. Our results suggest that the above two features reflect a geometry of a near edge-on dust torus, which may be produced by a superwind.
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