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Paper: A Cluster of High Redshift Quasars with Apparent Diameter 2.3 Degrees
Volume: 413, 2nd Crisis in Cosmology Conference, CCC-2
Page: 66
Authors: Arp, H.; Fulton, C.
Abstract: During analysis of the relation of quasars to galaxies in the 2dF deep field a concentration of quasars was noted. Most striking was the closeness in redshift of 14 quasars about the mean redshift z = 2.149 with a range of ±.018. The cluster in spite of its high redshift subtends an area of diameter more than 2.3 degrees on the sky. At conventional redshift distance its diameter would be 181 mega parsecs and the back should be receding with about 10,000 km s-1 with respect to the front.
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