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Paper: Hardware Device Simulation Framework in the ALMA Control Subsystem
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 462
Authors: Mora, M.; Reyes, C.; Ibsen, J.; Kern, J.; Juerges, T.; Farris, A.; Araya, R.; Troncoso, N.; González, V.
Abstract: Hardware device simulation development is a fundamental task which has to be addressed when writing control software. Simulations are used to decouple the software from the hardware layer, and provide a powerful tool to ensure the correct functionality of a control system before integrating real devices. This paper presents the design of the ALMA hardware device simulation framework as part of the Control subsystem. This framework provides basic code generation, allows simulation of devices through an external process connected to a real-time FIFO (as the real hardware), and provides an alternative, direct and more flexible simulation. This has simplified development and testing as developers can now focus on the non-trivial aspects of a simulation.
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