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Paper: EXODAT - The Exoplanets Database from the COROT Project: Evolution and Updates
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 454
Authors: Meunier, J.C.; Granet, Y.; Agneray, F.; Deleuil, M.; Surace, C.; Moutou, C.
Abstract: The extended searches for exoplanets carried out over large samples of the stellar population raised new needs. A deep investigation in the nature and origin of the new planet population could be foreseen only on a wellcharacterized stellar population. LAM is part of the COROT exoplanet search and the SPHERE project. Two information systems have been implemented based on the SITools framework1. Most of the databases include data with extra information processed at LAM: astrophysical quantities and statistical results, cross-identification algorithms, rotation curves. The goal of the databases from LAM is not only to provide data but valuable information on these data. While some data will soon be released to the community, we present the last updates of the EXODAT Information System including specific conesearch and free VO access to the community. The released spectra, images, footprints, and data will be provided throughout the EXODAT information System.
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